Two Chicks Lawn & Garden By Mina - Root Slayer Edger

  • $55.00

The Two Chicks Lawn & Garden by Mina Root Slayer edger and trench digger is an edger and root saw all-in-one. It has an innovative design that makes landscaping easy for you. The inverted V-shaped tip of this edger can cut through roots and other obstructions in the soil without slipping or bouncing off. The specially designed teeth on the sides function as a multi-purpose, saw-like tool making your gardening tasks easier. Throw out the hassle of having to use multiple tools and get your job done easily with the Two Chicks Lawn & Garden by Mina Root Slayer Edger.

Half-moon lawn edger with an inverted V-Shaped tip and specially-designed teeth to rip through hard-packed dirt and roots

Eco-friendly and quiet alternative to gas-powered lawn edgers

Serrated edger blade made of durable powder-coated carbon steel; Shaft made of resin-encased carbon steel shaft with non-latex grips at top

Ideal for irregular garden bed or lawn edges and for finishing touches in your garden

Blade measures approximately 10 x 6 inches; Entire tool measures approximately 39.5 inches long

39.5 x 10 x 1.5