Stuff To Do Big & Sticky Notepads

Stay organized and add some fun to your to-do lists with these big and sticky notepads! Perfect for jotting down tasks and ideas, these notepads are sure to make you smile. With plenty of space and an adhesive backing, you can stick them anywhere and easily keep track of all your stuff to do!

Write down all the stuff you want to get done with these brilliant, extra-large sticky notes—with 40 sheets to place on your wall, mirror . . . wherever you’ll see ’em! Includes room to customize and prioritize—and extra space for doodles, reminders & stuff!

• Colorful sticky notes unscientifically shown to make stuff 96% more fun

• Generously sized—and oh-so sticky! —daily to do list notes 

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches, 40 sheets

  • $12.50
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