Two Chicks Lawn & Garden By Mina - Root Slayer Shovel

  • $55.00

The Two Chicks Lawn & Garden by Mina is a multi-purpose shovel that can eliminate the need for other tools, such as hatchets and saws when digging, landscaping or gardening around the home. If you’ve ever hit roots while trying to plant a perennial, or been stymied by roots when trying to dig up a shrub, or tried to divide hostas with a spade only to have them slide away from your shovel, you’ll know what we’re talking about. You can use the Two Chicks Lawn & Garden by Mina Root Slayer as your go-to shovel. Think of it as a shovel, root hatchet, and root saw all-in-one. The Two Chicks Lawn & Garden by Mina Root Slayer is a durable and convenient tool for your lawn or garden.

Serrated, saw-like shovel designed for reducing stress on your hands and wrist

Digging shovel with V-shaped tip to easily rip up roots and hard-packed dirt

Serrated shovel blade made of durable powder-coated carbon steel; Shaft made of fiberglass with resin-encased handle

Sturdy tip is suitable for any garden task around your yard or garden- not meant for prying

Blade measures approximately 10.5 x 13 inches; Entire tool measures approximately 44 inches long

44 x 10.5 x 1.5